In addition to following the rules and regulations of the ranges we visit as a club, we have our own Range Rules. Where they conflict with the rule(s) of a range we are visiting then the corresponding rule(s) of that range take precedence.

Range Rules

1. Do not point a firearm at anyone

2. Only point the firearm at your target

3. Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to fire

4. Always check a firearm is unloaded and safe when picking it up, handing it to or taking it from someone

  • Eye and ear protection must be worn at all times whilst on the range, even when not shooting.
  • Never leave firearms or ammunition unattended.
  • Chamber flags must be inserted into firearms when not in use, and bolts removed if possible.
  • Firearms must be pointed directly downrange when on the firing point. They must not point over or to the sides of the backstop.
  • A round may only be chambered when the firearm is on target.
  • All firearms are to be cased or on the rack when not on the firing point.
  • Muzzles must be pointed directly upwards with chamber flags visible when firearms are being carried to and from the firing point.
  • Handguns may only be carried holstered with the Range Officer’s permission.
  • Firearms must only be loaded on the firing point. Magazines may be loaded off the firing point but must not be inserted into firearms.
  • No loading or firing may occur until the Range Officer has given permission.
  • Only move in front of the firing line when all the firearms have been unloaded and cleared and the Range Officer has given permission.
  • You must be behind the safety line whenever someone is front of the firing line.
  • “STOP! STOP! STOP!” Stop firing immediately if you hear these emergency words. Keep your firearm pointing at the target and wait quietly for the Range Officer’s instructions. Do not unload until the Range Officer gives the order. Anyone may shout these emergency words.
  • All persons must be the following minimum distances away from a target when it is being shot at, unless permission is granted otherwise by the BRPC Chairman:
    • Shotgun – birdshot & buckshot: 5 metres
    • Rimfire: 5 metres
    • Pistol calibres: 7 metres
    • Shotgun – slug: 40 metres
    • Centrefire rifle: 50 metres

Blue Rifle & Pistol Club Range Rules: