Joining Process & Fees

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  • Application fee - £100 (includes a Range Safety & Competency Assessment or two training sessions)
  • Membership fee - £30 per month
  • Training session - £30 each
  • Range Safety & Competency Assessment - £30
  • Range Fee - variable depending on location and discipline. See the Events page for details.

Once you have completed the initial application process and the police have confirmed you are not prohibited from possessing firearms, you are officially a member and can start shooting with Blue Rifle & Pistol Club! The monthly membership fee gives you access to all of the benefits detailed here.

The form your shooting takes depends on your experience and ability; if we assess you to be safe and competent on the range, then you can progress to Full membership. Otherwise, or if you are new to shooting, you will undertake our Probationary Training run by our in-house NRA-qualified Instructors. Everyone, no matter their background, must pass our Range Safety & Competency Assessment before being granted Full membership.

Included in the £100 application fee is either a Range Safety & Competency Assessment or your first two training sessions. The choice of which is yours, but should you not pass the Assessment you will have to complete however many training sessions it takes to bring you up to the required standard. Each training session thereafter is £30 and this includes the use of club guns but excludes ammunition, which is available to purchase from the Club.

Your experience, ability and safety will determine how much training you need to complete before progressing to Full membership. For example, if you have previously been a member of a club or shoot deer/vermin then you will likely need fewer, if any, training sessions. Conversely, if you have done some clay shooting, have some airgun experience, or are completely new to shooting, then you would benefit from doing more sessions before undergoing the Range Safety & Competency Assessment.

Click here to see the process for setting up automatic monthly membership payments.