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Apply for membership by paying the application fee above. This fee includes a Range Safety & Competency Assessment or two training sessions, whichever you choose. More information can be found here. Make sure you tell us about your shooting experience (if any) first using the box provided.

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You will then be sent a form to fill out with your details. This will be sent to the police to ensure you are not prohibited from possessing firearms.


Once the police confirm you are not a prohibited person, you will be accepted as a member. The membership fee is £30 per month. You will then either start our Probationary Training or go through our Safety & Competence Assessment, depending on your experience and ability.


You can now shoot with us! This will either be on the range as a full member or as part of our Probationary Training. At the Probationary Training, our professional, NRA-qualified Instructors teach you everything you need to know to be safe and competent on the range with a wide variety of firearms, distances and disciplines.

Membership Benefits

  • All your shooting organised by our full-time staff at ranges across the country, including ranges in Hampshire and the National Shooting Centre in Bisley, Surrey. Either ask us to arrange something specific or come along to our wide variety of club shoots & competitions.
  • Use of the Blue Fieldsports facilities, including UKPSA courses; extensive stock of ammunition and reloading components; reloading room; and guidance and advice for Firearm Certificate applications and renewals.
  • One of the most extensive, premium and unique collections of club guns available to hire in the UK
  • Attain your Range Officer and/or NRA Club Instructor qualifications for free
  • Access to NRA-qualified Instructors to improve your shooting
  • All disciplines, firearms and experience levels catered for
  • Club-organised trips to shoot handguns and rifles abroad
  • And a whole lot more!