Forward Charging System Handguard

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    The Falcon Design Forward Charging System Handguard incorporating our proprietary Forward Charging System (FCS) is the first of its kind in the UK and is truly a revolution in the UK firearms industry. 

    Designed and manufactured in the UK, it gives shooters a more efficient and ergonomic method of charging their rifle. Instead of coming off the optic to charge the rifle from the rear, or moving their hand back to the receiver, the shooter can eject a cartridge and allow a new round to be loaded without moving from their shooting position. They do this by using the charging handle at the front of forend to charge the rifle just like any other straight pull. A titanium rod extends from the charging handle into the receiver that then pushes on the bolt carrier group to eject the cartridge. The system allows for increased operational efficiency as well as increased stability due to the shooter being able to remain in the same position – perfect for IPSC, gallery rifle, CSR or just having ultimate fun on the range!

    The FCS Handguard is compatible with all mil-spec AR15 receivers but can be made to fit other AR15 receivers upon request. It is made from 6030 T6 aluminium machined on a 5 axis CNC to give it the highest level of quality and precision. It is then hard anodised black which makes it durable and able to withstand even the toughest of environments. It is topped off with a picatinny rail and is M-LOK compatible and comes supplied with a Falcon Design Barrel Nut, which is also compatible wherever a 34mm barrel nut is required.

    The handguard system is supplied with the FCS Standard Charging Handle, however optional extras are available. The Slimline Charging Handle is designed for use with scopes that have a 56mm objective, whereas the Large Charging Handle provides a more substantial grip.

    Major Features:

    • First-of-its-kind Falcon Design Forward Charging System allows for increased operational efficiency

    • Fully designed and manufactured in the UK

    • Increased ergonomics compared to current straight pulls

    • Compatible with all mil-spec AR15s with others possible upon request

    • Complies with Section 1 of the UK Firearms Act 1968 as a straight pull

    • Handguard made from 6030 T6 aluminium machined on a 5 axis CNC

    • Titanium rod

    • Charging handle made from PA 12

    • Slimline and Large charging handles available as optional extras

    • Picatinny rail

    • M-LOK compatible

    • Dimensions: 373 x 38 x 51mm

    • Weight: 360g

    • Supplied with a Falcon Design Barrel Nut and Standard Forward Charging Handle